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PCBpriceScanner.com is an online search website to scan, compare & list different manufacturers' PCB fabrication prices together with many experienced PCB customer reviews. Our goal is to help PCB customers to find their best PCB supplier and service world widely. If you have PCB shopping experience and like to share your experience with other PCB customers, this website is a perfect place to publish your review.


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  • Suggestion 1:    How to find the Best PCB Manufacturing Prices and Service for your project?
  • 1.1    To search and calculate different PCB vendors' prices and service are absolutely necessary and important. Do not place your order until you compare at least 3 or 4 PCB vendors' prices.
  • 1.2    Read other customer reviews and comments once in a while,as you could benefit from other PCB customer experience.

  • Suggestion 2:    How to skillfully use PCBpriceScanner search engine?
  • 2.1    There are not very many PCB specification selections in the scanner search engine,so only use the scanner search engine as your primary search tool to narrow down to 1 or 2 PCB suppliers. You can use each supplier link to visit the supplier quote webpage to get full specification quote.
  • 2.2    On the scan result webpage,you could see how many stars(from 0 to 5) for each PCB supplier. Pay attention on these stars as you could benefit from other customer's previous PCB shopping experience and obviously reduce your PCB cost.
  • 2.3    There is not any PCB supplier provides low price fabrication services for all different layer PCBs. As long as you know the PCB suppliers are reliable with good reputation,you can place your order to these suppliers whenever you need.
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